Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finished Object Wednesday...

Oh hey, a new picture!!

Pattern: Pointsettia, Michele Rose Orne
Yarn: Alpaca from Ebay, Sheep Shop 3
Needles: Fat 10 straight needles
Modifications: He-e-ellz yeah. Widened the border, attached the ties to the bottom corner of the fronts, no icky bell sleeve nonsense.
I likes it, though I had a few points of thinking that I wouldn't. If I were to do it again, I would make it smaller, and also, I would get over my hangup about obvious steps in the shoulder shaping. I fudged that aspect of it, and I think that it might bite me in the ass somewhere down the line, which I don't want to think about right now...
This was the first sweater I've done that involved seaming, so that was a bit of a steep learning curve. However, I'm now unafraid of the process -- bring on the set-in sleeves! The Arans! The, uh, what else is better with seams? My purling consistency also improved immensely while knitting this -- though I usually prefer knitting back and forth on circulars, I can begin to see the appeal of straights.
Note to self: do not try to explain seaming to non-knitters in a noisy bar. Especially if the non-knitter is a veterinarian. They (she) will (did) not quite get why any project should involve a lot of "seaming", and will, in fact, wonder what you must be doing in order to get "seaming" into your project.
That is all.

ETA: Yeah, I took the picture in the grad floor bathroom. You wanna somethin' a' dat?

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La Nina said...

This looks really nice! I can't stand bell sleeves myself, I have a hard enough time keeping food off my clothes, thank you! I just realized that I even have this pattern. Yours looks so much better than the one in the magazine, I didn't even recognize it at first. Good job!