Friday, June 13, 2008

A little something something for the weekend...

Cuff: four inches long now -- three to go, and then a short-row-heel, and then...


The heel, it is turned -- the arch decreasing goes apace.
(Also, I have the old "Pride and Prejudice" and "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" to watch this weekend... I'm on some kind of crazy Ethan Hawke kick after watching "Before Sunrise" -- sob -- and "Before Sunset" -- some indignant screaming at the end, but it made me very happy -- and remembering that I don't actually hate his guts) ... also, pictures of a finished (and blocked!) scarf are trapped in my camera at home. You'll see them soon!

I haven't been knitting nearly as much as I expected in New Mexico, perhaps because I really work (most of the time) while I'm at work... but also because I'm reading more (good books too!) and writing, and even drawing.
(Somehow, this has not kept me from procuring more yarn.)

Some pictures of that soon, too!

Also, kitten.

Her name is Lisa, and she is made of sun-beams and all else that is good.

Happy weekend!

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