Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Knitting does happen ... finishing objects, too!

Knit while watching the second DVD of the 1995 mini-series Pride and Prejudice -- Keira Knightley's got nuthin' on the Jennifer Ehle. I am convinced.

Meet the Cowl:

Chunky McChunkersons Malabrigo in Whales Road. A gift. The recipient don't read this.

Fun to knit -- I used size 10.5 needles, and contemplated doing it in linen stitch (which would make it a Chickadee, but I realized (epiphany!) that as much I love the look of linen stitch, I hate doing it. It always comes out iron-stiff. Well, maybe not iron stiff, but, like, really really stiff cardboard stiff. Iron sounds better. Which translates into tense knitting, stiff wrists ... I am content to admire other people's work in it!

So this was in "waffle stitch", yanked from the earliest of the purlbee's earliest postings. I knit my mom a cowl in this stitch (knit one row, knit one purl one second row) in lace-weight for her birthday in my "year of knitting" (my intensive re-entry into all joys related to knitting, wool, and other such fiber). This one, in a chunky weight, has a totally different look and feel, but I like it.

Look. You can do a Jesse James in it! (Okay, maybe not Jesse James. And he was a reprehensible guy in real life, but the old movie of him -- not the Brad Pitt one -- is hot.)

I'll take a close-up picture for color when there is sun -- the sky is uncharacteristically grey here in NM, something that I have not really seen yet. Oh well. Malabrigo color must be seen to be believed -- this has deep blue, teal, dashes of blackberry, cornflower... durn lack of sun.

The camera battery is dying, so I can't show the start of the new cowl, in Stonechat. Also a gift. But also stunning -- this one has bits of olive, scarlet, pale blue pink, mauve -- since when did I become someone that liked mauve??? It's just a testament to how pretty the yarn is, really.

In the interim, however, is another project I started, for me, naturally, in yarn that I bought on my jaunt through PurlSoho.

I've had the yarn since March, and had assumed it would be a lacy scarf. I even started the Stalks and Blossoms pattern with it, only to stop because it didn't feel right ... also because I kept messing up the pattern. I suppose there are some good reasons for not starting projects as the end of the semester creeps up and work amps up.

On Sunday night, while my hands and wrists recovered from finishing the dang Koigu socks (also done. also lacking pictures. I tell you, I'm a derelict), I needed to start something-anything for accompanying the last episode of season one of Project Runway (crack), so I picked up the yarn -- Manos Silk, citric colorway -- and started a basic mistake rib scarf. So cushy. So perfect for the yarn. Such a no-brainer! I'm always short on scarves that are long and squishy enough -- I'm a champ at short, light, lacy, airy scarves that are more like cravattes (am I really that type of person?), but this is a Scarf. No detail shots, because the camera is angry and anemic. Rather, the detail shots are locked in the camera.

Never mind -- the camera pulled it out, but now the battery is well and truly spent. Here you go!

Cowl number two tiny detail (also a gift!):

Pardon the lousy lighting. Can you guess the stitch pattern?

And, finally, the scarf detail -- the color and the shape (Foo Fighter reference? Really?):

Next up, socks socks socks! And my war wound. (Not too gruesome. Just annoying.)


La Nina said...

ooh! ooh! Is it feather and fan/old shale? So easy but looks so intricate? I knitted a neckwarmer for my grandmother-in-law in that stitch last Christmas, and she was deeply impressed by it. In my opinion, it's prettier and less crazy-making than linen stitch. (I hear you on that one too-linen stitch, haaaaaate.)Summer is a great time for stockpiling small, winter-accessory knits, I find. Then when it's cold, i regain the wherewithal t knit entire sweaters! I'll look forward to seeing pictures of the rest of the projests!

Nina said...

Yeah! I heart knitting accessories, and YES it is F&F/Old Shale! I rarely knit with chunky yarns, because, to me, that's like eating cheetos (so delicious, such instant gratification, but the habit gets expensive), and the next project will, I think, be mittens or gloves, since your awesome purple ones have inspired me!