Sunday, April 12, 2009

And after all that...

So, I had a long, amusing, and apologetic post in the planning process. I'd taken pictures of a few of the (many) recent knits (some more successful than others), and even conscripted a housemate (yeah Suh!) to take some pictures of me modelling two and a half finished objects. I'd finally opened up the replacement cable for my digital camera (the original is MIA. Somewhere) and hadn't even injured myself on the clamshell packaging.

And now the em-effing computer won't recognize my camera as new hardware, which means that there is either (a) a problem with my computer, (b) a problem with the camera, or (c) a problem with the new USB cable.


To be continued!!

[PS: I am alive, and I am knitting -- I've been insanely busy this semester with two jobs, one comp, as well as three classes, which has meant not enough time for any one thing, and blogging disappeared. But hopefully not for much longer!!]

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