Sunday, April 12, 2009

Better than nothing...

[ETA: I do everything a million years after everyone else has ... to that end, I'm moving over to WordPress. I know, I know. I've changed the name too, since the vast number of searches that directed people to this site were for 'pigtails, girls, knee socks', which was icking me out. In a big way.
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Two hats:

St. Patrick's Day Slouchy Beret --
Frog Tree Alpaca, two row stripes, two different shades of green.

I am a big fan of kelly green, but think that it looks lousy on me with my complexion and general coloring, so striping the bright almost pure secondary color with a muddy acid green was just what the doctor (I) ordered. The matching St. Patrick's day hobo gloves did exactly make themselves, though I put a lot of energy into hoping that they would, while I dealt productively (not) with a made case of start of spring break startitis.
I didn't rely on any specific pattern -- I just cast on a bunch of stitches, knit upward, and cast off once the hat seemed slouchy enough. I have not yet woven in ends, and I finished this ... a month ago? Yikes.

Next Hat: Dorothea, by Kristen Kapur

Yarn: Madeline Tosh Worsted, in Clover. Yum.

Jury's out on whether this is actually a flattering color for me, and I don't trust my computer's webcam at 11:45 pm to give an accurate picture of the color, but gawrsh do I like this yarn in this color...

I wanted another Spring Hat since Easter is New English for "another freaking cold snap after you thought it would be warm forever and ever amen" -- the leaves and green and the squishy squishy merino seem to fit the bill.
This pattern is lovely, and all errors with it are my own durn fault, namely for not printing out a copy of the pattern and trying to conjure it up in my head on a long bus ride to Boston and back (a long story). I would absolutely knit this again, and there are so many squishy green merino yarns out there to try...

The past year has been almost an entire period of Startitis (and a wicked case of Second Sock Syndrome), and I've got quite a few projects on the needles -- a lace scarf, a ribbed scarf, a pair of mittens, the aforementioned hobo gloves, at least three mate-less socks, and a baby sweater that needs some freaking seams and buttons and to be mailed to my cousin's baby girl -- and then there are the sweaters (three) for which I have all the yarn, I have the patterns, I just need the time to swatch, start, and finish, and, of course, they're all winter sweaters just in time for spring.

Try to guess how many of those projects are green...

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